Drug Use of Black Adolescent Girls

Drug Use of Black Adolescent Girls

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The increase consumption of alcohol and drugs by adolescences is not just a problem for the United States it is a multicultural national problem. Separating by race, Native American teens had the highest level of drug use, with nearly 48 percent reporting having used substances in the last year. That group is followed by 39 percent of white teens, almost 37 percent of Hispanics, 36 percent of multi-racial adolescents, 32 percent of blacks and nearly 24 percent of Asians. "There is certainly still a myth out there that black kids are more likely to have problems with drugs than white kids, and this documents as clearly as any study we're aware of that the rate of substance-related disorders among African American youths is significantly lower," ( Dan Blazer from Duke's Department of Psychiatry, a senior author of the study, told the Raleigh News & Observer).
Adolescents reported using marijuana more than any other drug, with 13 percent of those surveyed reporting marijuana use in the last year, followed by 7 percent reported having used prescription pain killers (Teen Drug and Alcohol use Lowest Among Blacks, Asians). A lack of cultural competence is identified as a major gap, as insensitivity to cultural differences can limit the ability to treat and retain minority adolescents, the researchers write in their report. Put together, these findings call for efforts to identify and expand prevention, assessment and treatment measures that are culturally effective and address the quality and acceptability of treatment for adolescents with substance use problems. A separate report released in June supported previous research that early substance use affects the likelihood of abuse in adulthood. The study...

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... consideration, such as her age, family life style, religious belief, social economic and cultural differences, in conducting our assessment. The reasoning for a young girl to feel the need to use substances as an answer for life is a difficult challenge. Going forward with help start with the adolescent, she must have the desire to walk away from the atmosphere of drugs. Putting the necessary steps into action also begins with the family, their cooperation and willingness to walk the extra mile is another key to the recovery process. The adolescent and her family working with the social are instrumental in the social worker using all of the resources available to start them on the path to recovery.

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