Drug Cartels Are A Complex, Multi Layered Problem Developed Through Decades Of Cultural, Economic And Governmental Issues

Drug Cartels Are A Complex, Multi Layered Problem Developed Through Decades Of Cultural, Economic And Governmental Issues

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Drug cartels are a complex, multi-layered problem developed through decades of cultural, economic and governmental issues. There’s no absolute answer on how to end the reign of these individuals. However, there are possible solutions that could better aid in alleviate this problem. Such ideas include: decriminalization of drugs, stronger national law-enforcement agency through communities, harmonization of drug strategies, better military relations and resources between Mexico and the U.S. and admittance of Mexico into the The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). Quite noticeably, the majority of these solutions are law-enforcement and military application aligned.
Starting with decriminalization of drugs, it has been offered as a controversial answer to the problem at hand. It’s been quoted before the benefits of what decriminalization of drugs would have, such as reducing the number of people incarcerated, allowing for the redirecting of law enforcement forces to what could be considered more serious crimes, increase revenue through these legal drug use and most importantly provide an environment in which people feel more comfortable getting help for drug abuse (Approaches to Decriminializing Drug Use and Possession, 2015). However, this may not all be true. Figures have shown that legalization may have a negative effect on healthcare spending, only providing a fraction of the cost in tax revenue after everything had been paid for (Mineta, 2008). More so, America would be forced to regulate a new market of legalized drugs, not only in prices but also in distribution, that may not entirely remove the drug smuggling that helps fuel drug cartels.
Next is stronger national law-enforcement agency, backed by community...

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...nd other nations. Decriminalization of drugs may not necessarily remove drug cartels from power and come with their own hosts of management difficulties that add on to an already stressed task. Coming down to two options, either law-enforcement aid through volunteer masses and implementation, or working on improving military capacity, it would likely be the later chosen. Ideally you’d want both, and could have both if you worked on it. But greater military capacity in Mexico would go a long way to providing stability and protection, and aid for those very same volunteers. More so the volunteers still have to work through the government’s personnel to deliver their information and Mexico would need a stronger force to deploy to handle that task. That doesn’t mean the volunteers are useless, merely that the military development would be more beneficial in the long run.

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