Dreams and Sleep Cycle Essay

Dreams and Sleep Cycle Essay

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Every night approximately seven billion people lay their heads down to sleep. Many people hoping for an escape from their chaotic lives, wishing to slip away into a fantasy world that is not based in their own reality. There is a great deal of research on the topic of dreams being fantasy versus a subconscious reality. Do we only dream what we know we could never do with our conscious mind or is it all just outlandish fantasies that will never come to life?
First, to fully understand where we are going when we are talking about dreams we first need to understand fully the meaning of consciousness and the varying levels that exists in the human brain. Consciousness is a concept explained by psychologists as the awareness of our environment and ourselves. In, the human brains there are three different levels of consciousness processing which are sub-consciousness processing, conscious processing and fantasizing. Sub-conscious processing is also known as “parallel processing” it is the brains ability to be able to process multiple information simultaneously. The sub-conscious processing is what makes decisions for people in the blink of the eye without even being able to understand what they made the choice. It is a very useful tool in stressful and unknown situations. For example, the Squad Leader at War who is leading his team down a new route on a foot patrols in Afghanistan. He may need to make a quick decision on whether it is the right choice to shoot an enemy insurgent. His quick reactions will take over and instead of letting himself sit there and go back and forth over the pros and cons he does what he needs to do to protect himself and his Soldiers. Later, on he may think back and not even fully recollect what made him make...

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...dreams. They believe that this will give them the best recap of everything that went on and they later will be able to look at all the different experiences of their dreams. The different colors, places and persons that may have been involved in their dream and that they may be able to look further into the deeper meaning of these images that plague everyone on a daily basis.
Though there are many different theories on dreams whether it is a person living in a fantasy world that they may normally not be able to experience or that of repressed feelings from conscious life experience that they are having trouble coping with. Dreams are an amazing aspect of the human brain and can show a person so many different avenues of their life choices or just amazing adventures that may never be feasible in their life. So lay down in your bed tonight begin to doze off and enjoy.

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