Dose it really matter? Essay

Dose it really matter? Essay

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Bob Chase explains in "Fear of Heights" that society praises those who are popular or who made a name for themselves in extracurricular activities. Likewise, they frown upon those who 'hide' behind books and socialize with only two or three friends. As Bob Chase explains however, the changing U.S. economy requires workers with high-tech skills, which requires a high level of learning. With society unwilling to change its view on popular students as opposed to those who will become the next doctor, scientist, etc., it seems that the U.S. is sending itself further down into a slump of mediocrity if not stupidity. I agree with Bob Chase's arguments that America should pay attention to the doctor of tomorrow rather than today's future athlete and that a new generation will find a way to combine academics and social activities.

Those who are popular will eventually fade from society's eyes. Despite the many masses who will fight desperately to defend their so-called 'idols', it has been this way since the dawn of man. Many examples of 'popular idols' include, but are not limited to: song artists, professional sports players, actors/actresses. Even those holding public office such as mayors, governors, and/or presidents will fall in and out favor, but sometimes not based on their job performance and more on their popularity. Thus, in this same extremity most popular and beautiful kids tend to be arrogant and snobby, shunning away those who do not meet their expectations (what I like to call expectations of wealth or 'breed'); however, come graduation of high school, those that were able to get away by being popular find themselves in the harder scene of college and will mostly be away from those who used to admire them. Because they ...

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...further the academia cause, the situation continues to favor the 'old' popular and athletic elite. Those examples can still be applied to our popular icons today (i.e. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, LaDamian Thompson, etc.) and the remaining 'old' elites; thus becoming 'bright examples of the future' (in that case, I'll move to Japan now). There is a ray of hope though, for the new generations of kids are getting popular by doing things more than just sports or going to the mall; rather, they are the ones getting praised for studying and getting high marks while at the same time helping the community in any way they can. For those who are popular for being smart and benevolent may be able to bridge the brainy, the athletic, and the beautiful together, and there will be a time where those 'cliques' are no longer distinct (or am I being too optimistic for my own good?).

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