Essay on Dominance And Influential

Essay on Dominance And Influential

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PPS: Dominance and Influential. (Dominance): You are great at getting immediate results and causing action. Its great how you do not wait to meet deadlines but you accomplish tasks ahead of schedule to leave room for possible issues that may arise. You good at solving problems and questioning the status quo (you actually found errors in the Combat Arms UMD and discovered you work center was working 2 hours extra every day; gained an extra body). You recently took over as NCOIC, Combat Arms and have led your section to earn three quarterly awards. (Influence): You are very outgoing and people-focused. You developed and planned three organizational events to build camaraderie (creating a motivating environment). You always see the “bright side” of any issue and generate enthusiasm. You make a favorable impression on everyone you meet (was coined by the PACAF “Top Cop” for providing an outstanding briefing to PACAF leadership during their visit to the firing range). Overall, you have a strong internal locus of control and possess power over your environment and you try to persuade and influence others. You are also very bold and assertive.

TD: Creator. You are always generating ideas. You came up with the idea for a joint shooting competition for International Police Week 2015. You are always willing to take risks. You developed a schedule for the Combat Arms section (consisting of 8 individuals). I was short on armorers and the schedule you devised allowed for an additional body and freed up one member to go TDY to get a needed certification as Security Response Team (SRT).

KAI: Mild Adaptor. You develop many ideas while simultaneously staying within the boundaries of structure. An example of this behavior was exe...

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...r and influence the younger Airman and serve as a positive role model and example to your peers. This exposes you to the stress and challenge of, not only being a First Sergeant, but prepares you for the responsibilities of being a SNCO. This helps the Air Force by giving you knowledge, skills, abilities and experience of how Family Care Plans work, the Emergency Leave process, and understand the Article 15 procedures. This foreknowledge will serve as a linchpin to achieving the Air Force’s goals as you will take this experience and begin applying it early in your career (a developmental challenge). As Additional Duty First Sergeant, it will prepare you for emergent leadership issues not normally found in just your work center. Lastly, this additional duty will posture you for success in building a culture of innovative Airmen as detailed in the Air Force’s vision

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