Essay about Domestic Violence : A Look Into The Lives Of Victims

Essay about Domestic Violence : A Look Into The Lives Of Victims

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Domestic violence: a look into the lives of victims
Many people live in this world with the challenge of being a victim of domestic violence. We only look into how being violated associates with women in an abusive relationship when it could range from disabled individuals to males. Domestic violence contains horrible outcomes in today’s society, we should help educate more individuals about this terrible situation. Domestic violence is an action associated with harming another individual repetitively. Most of the victims report their abuse days or years later, they are afraid no one will believe them, it would ruin their family, or the abuse would not be stopped. The research given in today’s time will help individuals seek the information needed to report someone who has domestically violated them. This research considers visually approaching what happens in the lives of the victims which helps provide information on who is violated and who is abusing:
1. What are some struggles faced through the lives of a victim?
2. Is intimate partners the only individuals that abuse?
3. Does being disabled result in a higher chance of being abused?
4. Why would children be associated with being violated?
5. Do men become domestically violated?
Many people assume that if they have not heard about someone being assaulted than where they live is perfect. However, they do not know that right next door could be someone to ashamed to report any incident. These people who are physically and mentally violated could be anyone. The lives of victims is not all icing on the cake, they are living their lives terrified, ashamed, and disgusted. Living the life of a victim contains a lot of stressful situations that has to be overcame by the victim.


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... (2012) interviewed several disabled individuals, “…… disabled men and women gave suggested that being disabled may make domestic violence worse in several ways.” Some of these ways are explained in the sentences above. Linking domestic violence and disabilities does not seem right, but several cases reported has been associated with someone who has a disability.
Some people who have a disability does not understand that being punched, slapped, or sexually assaulted is wrong. They believe that being domestically violated is normal because the abuser is someone they trust. Reports made about someone with needs being abused usually comes from a family member who seen the abuse or someone that has walked in on the action of abuse. Abusing a disabled individual has a higher risk then most because they are helpless and cannot help themselves in this horrible situation.

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