Dolphins: Killed in Cold Blood Essay

Dolphins: Killed in Cold Blood Essay

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Dolphins: Killed in Cold Blood

The killing of the Bottlenose dolphin in Taiji Cove, Japan is devastating and these killings are becoming an epidemic, because the multi-million dollar a year aquariums and marine parks like SeaWorld are the main clients. In the documentary The Cove1 stated that “the aquariums request the best looking dolphins and for the other dolphins they are killed for their meat.” “Twenty-thousand dolphins are killed every year between September through March,” Sea Shepherd3. Spear Rods were used to kill the dolphins but that technique turned the waters red with blood. Metal Rods are now driven through the dolphins to cause paralysis.1 People should care about this topic because if the killings continue the side effect may irreversible; “Boyd Harnell2 there have been cases linked to Japanese children with birth defects because the mother has been consuming mercury contaminated dolphin meat.” This problem is located in the Pacific Ocean. Bringing this into closer view the actual murders of the Bottlenose dolphins is in Japan, more specifically the Taiji Cove.1 This cove is a naturally secluded lagoon and, this is where these detrimental horrors are committed.1 This problem is global because these slaughters not only happen in Japan they happen in Peru as well. Although, Japan is receiving much of the controversial heat they are not the only country. But, what makes it a local problem is because of the secrecy and the governmental cover ups to help continue the hunting of dolphins. Conservationist believe dolphins should be free just like nature intended to them to be, by reducing the demand of show dolphins, alerting the Taiji people about the dangers of dolphin meat, or appealing to the International Whaling Co...

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...Taiji community has the Japanese government plus other small countries in their payroll, the Japanese pays off smaller countries for their vote to justify what the Taiji community is doing.1

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