Does Language Influence Our Perception Of Reality And Thought? Essay

Does Language Influence Our Perception Of Reality And Thought? Essay

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As time passed, the subject of whether language influence our perception of reality and thought has been introduced by a plethora of linguists and philosophers. People have been asking this for many years. Yet, the subject has been a dilemma that is hard to answer. However, The subject gained prominence when Benjamin Whorf asserted in his essay that “ we need to recognize the influence it [language] has on other activities, culture and personal.” (Whorf 1944: p.135). Based on his studies, Whorf claimed that Hopi and, what he called, SAE (Standard Average European) speakers have distinct experience of reality that is due the difference in language. Therefore, they see the world with completely different eyes.
However, I believe that the answer to this question depends on many other factors. The traditions, habits, and the amount of interaction you encounter with the people in your culture also play an important role in determining one’s way of shaping reality and imagination. Not to mention, there’s little doubt that language, or words, shape perception by requiring grammatical cha...

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