Does It Matter What Victims Wear? Essay

Does It Matter What Victims Wear? Essay

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Does it Matter what Victims Wear
“What was I wearing when I was raped? My pajamas” “Many women when raped are asked what they were wearing. But why ask that question? “The police officer who asked what I was wearing was talking in the context of what evidence they could collect”, said Rachel when she was raped who was interviewed by Katie from Independent (Grant). Rape is wrong, regardless what the circumstance is and I am flabbergasted at how many people think it is the victim 's fault for wearing a certain piece of clothing. Long pants, short dress, T-shirt, sweats, or bikini, it is not the person’s fault for what they wear, no one asks for it regardless of what they are wearing, isn’t that obvious, though? Apparently not, an Amnesty International survey found that more than a quarter of people believe women are at least partially responsible for their rape if they wear “sexy” or revealing clothing (Camber).
If I am going to a party and decide to wear a dress, I should be able to do so without worrying about whether wearing this will draw the wrong kind of attention. People need to realize that the exposure of some skin, it is not an open invitation to touch them inappropriately or to rape them. Their clothes are not screaming, Rape me! Rape me! Sure you can look, but to act upon it is something else. Some might say that they are dressed for sexual attention or knowing that they will arouse the sexual interest of their intended target or audience, therefore, they are definitely asking for sexual attention of that person. First of all, they are dressing for themselves, they want to feel good and look good, there is nothing wrong with that. I cannot fully comprehend why on earth a person might think just because a person dr...

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...ho was interviewed by Katie the journalist, after she was raped, she would cover herself and wear ugly clothes to make herself invisible so she won’t attract the wrong kind of people. Or like in Lindsey’s case, a story from the article, “This is not an invitation to rape me”when she was in court, they were arguing that it was her fault for being raped because of the writing on her pants “Little Devil”. Unfortunately, in the end, she ended up killing herself.
It is heartbreaking what the victims go through, what is even more sickening is that half of the women thinking that raped victims are to blame for their attack, a study has shown (Camber). Like I have stated before, it is not the victim fault, it never is. Rape is rape regardless what he or she has to and I hope people will start to realize that so we can stop blaming the victims and blame the rapists instead.

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