Do We Have A Soul Inside Ourselves? Essay example

Do We Have A Soul Inside Ourselves? Essay example

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Do we have a soul inside ourselves? Does this “soul” make us who we are? Can the “soul” change? There are arguments between philosophers debating each side. Some believe that there is a soul, while others do not. Some believe that the soul can change, while others do not. There is no scientific evidence siding with either side. However, there are many studies that have been conducted in order to attempt to prove one side right. These attempts have not been successful. There have also been cases where individuals claim that they had a soul and lost it. Again, nothing has been proved; there are studies, and testimonials arguing one side or the other. Still we find ourselves asking the same questions over and over again. This essay will discuss whether we can ever see our soul, whether it is able to leave us, how memories trick our minds, consciousness between humans and other creatures, separation of the mind and brain, and the possibility that it is all just a story we tell ourselves.
Whether or not we can see our soul, it has to be there. Something has to be there that makes us who we are, right? We cannot physically feel it, touch it or see it as Daniel Dennet cites David Hume whom claims, “… no one has ever seen a self…” (Dennet 8). Does that mean we could possibly one day be able to see it just like we can see the brain? Maybe, or maybe it is simply just an abstract thought. In Neil Warburton’s Philosophy Bites podcast he cites a scientist, Gilbert Ryle, who calls the soul a “ghost in the machine” when opposing dualism. Where is the soul? If it is inside, it is most definitely hiding. Again, we are unable to see it. Maybe it is not in us at all. Maybe the soul is just something we tell ourselves to make us feel better. Maybe ...

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...e science of unanswered questions, ideas, theories, etc. Will we ever find who we truly are? Maybe it is not as difficult as some philosophers make it sound. It could be possible that we do know ourselves and that we just want to believe that there is more when in reality there is not. In either case it a quite complex while intriguing. When we find an answer, will we accept it or will we keep going trying to further that answer? Believing that there is a core or soul to ourselves is invigorating, what if we find out that there is not anything make us, us, except for the stories we tell? Will we be disappointed? The only thing prove is that there is a physical world, and both the mind and body interact with in it. Maybe there is a reason we choose to do or act the way we do, and possibly we will eventually find that answer. But maybe there is no answer or reason.

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