The Director Of Captain Americ The First Avenger And The Main Character Steve Rogers

The Director Of Captain Americ The First Avenger And The Main Character Steve Rogers

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Science has come far in genetic modification. Joe Johnston, the director of Captain America: The First Avenger and the main character Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a movie about genetics and altering them to save the world. In World War Two, Steve Rogers, a weak and small man, wants to join the fight yet gets rejected many times. Soon a doctor, known as Dr. Erskine, comes to his aid. Steve undergoes a genetic change through an experiment Dr. Erskine commences. Once Steve is genetically modified, he is big, buff, and better than ever, his fight then begins with a Nazi known as Red Skull.
To create an offspring the sperm finds the egg and starts the process of fertilization. The next step is mitosis, through mitosis a zygote is formed into a blastocyst which is them formed into a fetus. Humans have twenty-three chromosomes. When a scientist looks at the chromosome, they are checking for abnormalities that could affect an offspring. Numerical abnormalities is when someone is missing a chromosome. This causes down syndrome and many other mutations. Genetic engineering where a scientist changes the genetics of something. With genetic engineering, the possibilities are endless, even if they are bad. Scientist may genetically change someone to see what would happen, or for their survival. One may ask what are the strengths? What are the weaknesses? The strengths are how a superhuman can do what we can’t. Weaknesses, there could be so many mutations that the test subject can die, or worse, all the defects passed on to the offsprings, their offsprings’ offsprings and it just goes on and on. Science has come far, with breeding animals to change how they are used, changing humans, and then finding the dangers of genetically changing us.

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...ults in the substitution of one amino acid for another in the protein made by a gene.” There are also many others that can cause brain damage and disorders of the mind and body. Such things can be dangerous to the subject and they could die. One simply has to see the defects of genetic modification to believe. Embryos who are genetically modified can have a missing arm or eye, brain defects, and disorders. These can be very dangerous to how that said person functions.
In this paper, you have learned about genetically modified animals and humans and the dangerous of it. Animals have been modified since thousands of years ago. Humans are now being changed. Yet there are defects to this and the dangers are high. It is now time for society to decide whether they want their children to be modified and risk the mutations or let them be normal and see how they fare in life.

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