The Difficulties Experienced By The Slave Women Essay

The Difficulties Experienced By The Slave Women Essay

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The Difficulties Experienced by the Slave Women
In Harriet Jacobs book called; Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, she describes her life in an enthralling story that clearly reveals how complicated the lives of slaves were before the Civil War. As a result, she portrays the ruthless punishments, privation of food and sufficient clothing, severe labor and wrecked families.
In this book, Harriet Jacobs discloses the cultural binary structures of black and white women. Moreover, she mainly concentrates on the subject of a woman’s sexual history to show that gender conventional images, which make the life of women slaves harsher than slavery for men. Furthermore, she focuses significantly on the dissolution of forced marriages, describing the grief felt by Harriet, when she realized that she could not marry whom she loved. At that time, female slaves were often being raped by force, treated terribly by their masters and mistresses, and even had to bear their master’s children. Her life as a slave was exceedingly complicated. She experienced childhood rapes, losing relatives, being incapable to rightly mourn, and endured all the physical violence and labor that was compelled on her.
This essay, firstly, by explaining the primary content of the book, will describe the bonds formed by black and white women in response to masculine requirements and considerable difference of their life. Afterwards, it will name three possible effects of race on “sisterhood” during the epoch before the Civil War. Furthermore, in accordance with her legendary book’s content called “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl”, it will explain feasible reasons which impact significantly to her ideology and desire to struggle for the freedom of African Amer...

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... population. The white slave owners could not allow the fact that they were dreadfully torturing, sexually offending their slaves, due to the good reputation being stained against their morally correct Christian ideals. This is certainly the hypocracy that entailed the slave system. Nevertheless, before the Civil War, there were black and white women, interacting and supporting each other, who were creating strong emotional bonds, such as Lindas strong attachment to her mistress.
In conclusion, females have made substantial progresses during the slave epoch; the feminist era appeared in consequences of the male chauvinism within the Civil Rights and Black Power that begins straightly from the enslaved women. What should never be forgotten is courage of the African American women to struggle with the racial prejudice and a strong aspiration to their independence.

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