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Writing is one of the best way to express an argument or give information to a audience. From essays like this to movie scripts, there are so many different types of writing that it would be very difficult to define “Good Writing” with one single set of rules. The best example of different types of good writing is by looking at Discourse communities, all of which use different variations of writing inside their community. Discourse communities are different groups of people who associate with the same ideas and practices. Although, some may argue that there is a specific definition of good writing, with the great amount of discourse communities where different types of writing are used, it is imposable for one single set of rules to define what good writing is.
Writing style and good writing differs from discourse community to discourse community so there is not just one way to classify good writing. Ann Johns, a Ph.d and retired linguistics and writing skills professor, states that “the focus” of discourse communities “is on texts and language, the genres and lexis that enable members throughout the world to maintain their goals… and communicate efficiently”(51). Discourse communities set their own rules so that they can communicate with people who associate with that given group. Having a standard of writing for the different communities makes it easier for members to communicate and contribute to the community, minimizing confusion between members. Johns continues by stating some rules that outline the “general rules for academic literacy, most of which are refined within each discipline and classroom. Although it would be difficult to defend several of these beliefs

because of the wide rage of academic discourse and practi...

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...hey can. The goal is to prevent their work from becoming so generic, which in turn, could prevent them from reaching their standards of writing. There is a chance that good writing may have a single definition one day, but discourse communities are so separated that it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.
Discourse communities are specialized groups for people who have similar goals and beliefs, these groups do not want to have their work become generic. These groups function so well on their own, they do not want to conform to a single set of standards that define good writing. Think about the communities you belong too, do they have a distinct way of writing? Would you be able to put all the groups writing under generic rules? These are the questions that discourse communities have to think about before they come up with a recognized definition of good writing.

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