Different Definitions Of Culture By Alfred L. Kroeber And Clyde Kluckhohn

Different Definitions Of Culture By Alfred L. Kroeber And Clyde Kluckhohn

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There are many different definitions of culture. “In 1952, Alfred L. Kroeber and Clyde Kluckhohn published a list of 164 definitions of the term. More recently, John R. Baldwin and his colleagues have listed over three hundred meanings for culture, and other scholars have offered additional definitions and approaches” (Lustig & Koester, 25). When I was in second grade I had to do a culture project where I created a poster of my ethnic background. My poster when presented was mostly green and covered with leprechauns, pots of gold, and the prideful orange, green, and white Irish flag. Talking with my parents I learned that although I’m a mix of european cultures the most prominent in my bloodline is Irish, and the next is German. Although my family tree traces back to a german monarchy, my second grade self was far more interested in my Irish side. Although I never knew my Irish family growing up I still identified with the culture. Saint Patrick 's day was my holiday and I would dress in all green and tell people I was a few inches shorter because of course, I’m a leprechaun. Seven years old and I was proud of the apostrophe in my name, and I didn 't even really know the culture I identified with.
Growing up my dad never knew my Irish family, the family he knew and the family i grew up with was Greek. Although I’m not Greek by blood, as I get older I realize my Greek family was a big part of my childhood and definitely a part of who I am today. I always loved my dad 's side of the family. Reunions were fun because I would meet new family, eat my heart out, and get invited to Greek festivals. During Greek festivals a lamb is roasted over a fire, and all the kids would run around carrying the eyeballs of the lamb. As gross as it...

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...t of self orientation, which “describes how people 's identities are formed, whether the culture views the self as changeable, what motivates individual actions, and the kinds of people who are valued and respected” ( Lustig & Koester, pg 90) . I’ve experienced a lot of different social cultures and people with different backgrounds, each influencing me in different ways. Through church I experienced ‘world orientation which provides answers to questions to humans being good or evil’ ( Lustig & Koester, pg 93). With my greek family I learned about a culture without actually being blood, and through work i’ve gotten to experience dealing with many different people from different walks of life. Learning how to communicate with so many different backgrounds and being apart of some has definitely helped me in the long run and I know in the future I will continue to grow.

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