Differences Between Vaccination Groups And The United States Essays

Differences Between Vaccination Groups And The United States Essays

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Topic: Differences between vaccination groups in the United States
Research Question: What has previous research missed by dichotomizing vaccination status between children who are “anti-vaccinators” and vaccinators? Is there an increase in all unvaccinated categories over time?
Vaccinations are considered to be one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th century (CDC 2014; Colgrove 2007; Poland and Jacobson 2001). Vaccinations have led to the eradication of once deadly diseases such as smallpox and polio (Poland and Jacobson 2001). Despite a copious amount of research proving the success and importance of vaccinations, previous studies have shown that participation in the “anti-vaccination movement” is increasing (Tafuri et al. 2014; Ropeik 2013; Blume 2006; Poland and Jacobson 2001). Pushback against vaccinations is not a new idea but rather opponents to immunizations can be traced back to the beginning of vaccinology (Kata 2011). Society has been concerned with the possible side-effects of vaccinating, from the earliest aversions to smallpox in 1853 England, to the more recent issues surrounding the safety of the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP), measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and varicella (chickenpox) vaccinations and their use of Thimerosal (Tafuri et al. 2014; Kata 2011). “Unlike the earlier vaccination efforts against smallpox during the 1800s, when anti-vaccine propaganda was disseminated via posters and newspapers, proponents of vaccination have additional means to communicate their positions to the general public, the Internet in particular” (Tafuri et al.2014). Because of this shift, the anti-vaccination movement has emerged in a new way in the last twenty years. Although it is well document ...

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...l data collected from 1996-2014. I observe across group demographic differences as well as within group temporal differences. Codebook, files, and interview guides were all made available at the CDC website (CDC 2014).
During survey collection, the primary caretaker is asked demographic questions relating to him/her and to the child[ren] such as: age of mother, age of child, number of children, length of time breastfeeding, insurance types, household size, marital status, education, and household location. Following the original interview, and with permission, a questionnaire is mailed to each child’s vaccination provider(s) to collect the information on the types of vaccinations, number of doses, dates of administration, and other administrative data about the health care facility (CDC). All variables were weighted using the weights supplied by the NIS.

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