The Differences Between The Cultures That Can Interfere With Productivity

The Differences Between The Cultures That Can Interfere With Productivity

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Therefore, those common qualities can cause both cultures to unite easily and collaborate effectively on solving the problem at hand.
Still, there are some key differences between the two cultures that can interfere with productivity. Everyone on my team stresses the importance of putting the team’s goals and interests before any individual 's own goals and interests so everyone can be successful together. However, Zimbabweans tend to be more individualistic and only concerned with their self-image. People having their own agenda and not caring about what is best for the team is detrimental to group success. Zimbabweans are also generally less peaceful than Kanshaponganese and often resort to violence to solve issues, whereas Kanshaponganese advocate peace in all aspects of life. We will not overcome the issue of food insecurity if we do not work harmoniously together in a positive environment. Unlike Zimbabweans, Kanshaponganese emphasize open-mindedness, creativity, and acceptiveness of each other’s different perspectives. It is extremely vital for progress within the group that all individuals help brainstorm ideas and listen, respect, and learn from each other. Perceived negative stereotypes between the two cultures can also cause serious problems within the group. Africans (regarding the Zimbabweans) are wrongfully perceived as thugs, ignorant, uneducated and lazy, whereas people of the Middle East (regarding the Kanshaponganese) are misconcepted as extremists and violent. These negative stereotypes can prevent trust between the two cultures and produce a negative climate, which are both not conducive in the work environment.
As the overseer of this project, I will implement programs to minimize problems and help com...

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...ule out anyone who is not as knowledgeable in those fields. As long as they have great work ethic, committed, motivated, and are “team players”, they are strong candidates for the job. Each sub team will have a majority of “star-followers” who will lead their respective sub team under my supervision (Kelley 8). Also, each sub team will have some “yes-people” and a few “sheep” (Kelley 7). I will
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also hire a few “alienated” workers so their endless skepticism will provide me insight on the negative aspects of proposed solutions (Kelley 7). Since they are “alienated”, they will work very close to me so they won’t interfere with the morale of the other employees. Ultimately, I am the coach, and I will consistently teach and sharpen my players’ (employees) skills. As a result, they will perform their best and eventually defeat their opponent called food insecurity.

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