Essay on Differences Between American Schools Systems And Finnish School Systems

Essay on Differences Between American Schools Systems And Finnish School Systems

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There are several differences between American school systems and Finnish school systems. Overall, Finland’s appear to be superior. Some of these differences include decentralization of the schools, major academic differences, and more. It’s incredible how little change can affect a nation in such a grand way. It seems almost simplistic the way Finland handles their school system when compared to America but is vastly different.

Decentralization of the schools means to separate government interference with the school system with the exception of basic guidelines and curriculum that all schools must follow. This also means that there are no standardized tests in Finland with the exception of the National Matriculation Exam that’s required before graduating secondary school (Bullock & Goggin , pp. 976-983). In contrast, America’s government works closely to their school systems despite many of them having little to no experience in education. Finland is a socialist country while America is not. In regards to education, this means school is tuition free and all students are able to get free meals. Now because of this, all students are able to have equal opportunities despite their socioeconomic or geographical backgrounds. This is something that does not happen in America, especially when looking at public schools like Fremont High School that’s located in South Central Los Angeles (Bullock & Goggin , pp. 716-723). In that area of Los Angeles is the more impoverished neighborhoods of the city and it shows greatly in their local public schools. These students do not have the luxury of being able to obtain equal opportunities in education and must live with being collateral damage of the socioeconomic statuses of their family.


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...n’t sincerely care about them. This in turn can also be incredibly discouraging to them and makes them not want to try. There’s no saying for sure that this isn’t a problem in Finland because each school and each teacher is unique but the difference is that the profession is respected as highly as a doctor’s profession and financially, they are very well compensated. It’s no reason the teaching profession is favorable in Finland, unlike in America.

The schools in America should follow in Finland’s example and at least take into consideration everything they’re doing within their school systems. Finland has a dropout rate of approximately less than one percent which when compared to the twenty-five percent dropout rate in America makes Finland’s dropout rate seem almost nonexistent (2008). Overall, America still has a lot of work to do with their education system.

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