The Differences and Similarities Between Plays Essay

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The Differences and Similarities Between Plays
Plays express different plots, yet authors use similar writing methods to convey a particular point. For example, one play discusses serious matters, while another play has a comedic tone. However, both plays use physical movement to represent a character’s mood. Death Knocks, Fly, and Our Town are three very different plays with different themes yet these plays use a lot of similar writing styles.
Between the three plays Death Knocks, Fly, and Our Town I believe Fly uses the most physical movement. One example being the Tap Griot, because of this character the audience is able to understand the emotions of the airmen much easier. Also, some characters represent their personality by the way they stand or walk. An example being when watching the play we see the three airmen finish putting on their uniforms, but only when the pilot is not watching. However, when the pilots do look at the airmen the airmen stand very tall and straight with the exception of W.W.. W.W. does not finish changing into his uniform. Also, instead of standing ver...

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