Essay on Diary Entry: Revenge and Christians

Essay on Diary Entry: Revenge and Christians

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Diary entry 1)
How could this be? Deceived by my daughter! As soon as Tubal informed me that my daughter had fled, I felt angry yet heartbroken. It was like my own daughter pierced a finely sharpened arrow into my skin, aiming at by hopeless heart.
Jessica playing "thirty pieces of silver" (Matthew 26:15) upon her own father? "I say, my daughter is my flesh and blood" (Act 3.i. 33) but her doings wrong me. She has disgraced me and left with a Christian, Lorenzo. A Christian! Those same Christians who lend out money "gratis" (Act 1.iii.39), Spat upon my "Jewish gaberdine" and called me "misbeliever" (Act 1.iii.106-107).
Is there really more difference between my flesh and hers than between "jet and ivory;" more between our bloods than there is between "red wine and Rhenish" (Act 3.i.34-35). Why has she betrayed me? Her only father. We are both Jews, are we not? Yet she fled with a Christian.
What really makes my blood boil is that my daughter seized upon the most valued things in my life. My ducats, my precious stones and herself... "A sealed bag, two sealed bags of ducats, Of double ducats, Stol'n from me by my daughter... And Jewels - two stones, two rich and precious stones, Stol'n by my daughter" (Act 2.Viii.17-21). To make things worse, she has sold the precious stones that I gave to your mother for a monkey. "I would not have given it for a wilderness of monkeys" (Act 3.i.108-109).
Shall I still entitle her as my daughter? Should the revulsion that assembles within me not escape? Deceived by my own daughter. Ha. She is no longer worthy to be called my daughter. Fled with a Christian. How dare she! "I would my daughter were dead at my foot, and the jewels in her ear" (Act 3.i.80-81).
I have s...

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...yet offer interest to those borrowed from. Antonio then, is a type of typical Christian. Lending out money "gratis" (Act 1.iii.39). Why? Did Jesus not supply them with brains? I confronted his hypocritical ways, fuelling his anger.
Eventually, we landed upon an agreement and created a bond, sealing it with his own blood. The bond states that if my 3,000 ducats are not within my reach in 3 months, I am able to rightfully claim a pound of his flesh. It was like father Abraham laid mercy on me, showing me a path towards revenge on Christians and Antonio.
Those Christians who borrow money and steal my daughter, Jessica. I am sick of them all. Why do they think that they can treat me with such disrespect? Surely the source of this cannot be because of my religion. Enough! I have had enough!
I await for the moment of the trial. I want my revenge. Justice will be done...

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