The Developments Of Citizens Were Influenced By The Achievements Of The Leaders

The Developments Of Citizens Were Influenced By The Achievements Of The Leaders

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The developments of citizens were influenced by the achievements of the leaders in their society. In most cases leaders were men as the ancient world was a male dominant society but every now and then due to the circumstances forced upon them some women would rise to be leaders. This was very true in the case of Boudicca due to the circumstances and ill-treatment of her family she rallied her people to take on the might of the roman empire but Zenobia was in a unique position in a society that tolerated the influence of power and women even so she had to improve herself. These women forged a place in themselves in history by their action and achievements providing rule models for future generations.
Boudicca’s life was mostly shrouded in mystery, form the time she was born in AD 25 to a royal family in Celtic Britain. Whereas Zenobia lived a normal life; she was born in 240 AD and got married had children. These two women lived similar but yet completely different lives; another side of the girls was the way the fought and handled themselves in daily life.
These two women came to fame at very different times in very different societies. Boudicca celebrated the queen’s, wife and mother who intended to remain in the grey shadows of history. Where Zenobia was described as the most beautiful and noble woman in the east. Besides such descriptions of beauty and extravagance, we are also presented with the image of an independent woman capable of performing any tasks of a competent ruler. Zenobia’s capabilities as a ruler and leader impressed even the Emperor Aurelian, who justified his honour in his “unmanly” task of defeating Zenobia, a woman, by citing her impressive feats on the field and in administration.
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... Romans complacency, who at that time must have wondered that they were invincible. Occupied by the Romans their new forts were built across the areas of Britain. The following governors and Paullinus in Britain were determined to be never caught out again especially by Boudicca, they then came to building forts around their conquered territory in Britain.
In conclusion Boudicca and Zenobia ran for different times and for different purposes. This will go down in history as some of the most all times rules of the ancient world. Both women held and gave their citizens something to look up to and they will be remember for much longer as the women who raised to power in a very male dominant society. Even to this day, the legendary of these ladies live on in the books, music and film. Do they still inspire us now the same was how they used to? The answer is up to you.

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