The Destructive Effects of Cult Conversions Essay

The Destructive Effects of Cult Conversions Essay

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A cult is a group of sadistic people that harm and take advantage of young, innocent people that are ripped away from their families and into a cold, dangerous world. There are many questions as to are cults really harmful. Cult leaders have many persuasive ways to trick you into believing their beliefs and their twisted ways of life. One common way that cult groups usually do is they pick out the most innocent and lonely victim. Then they make you feel comfortable and welcome and raise you on a pedestal, but then they start judging on how you choose to live and usually use religious ways to persuade you into their cult, tricking you into their society. Cult leaders frequently use brainwash and many other techniques that are psychologically damaging. In cults their victims are often tormented, brain washed, and eventually lose their sense of ownership to oneself. “Cults confine their members to follow strict rules that ultimately can cause loss of free choice or will, diminished intellectual ability, sense of humor, reduced capacity to form flexible and intimate relationships, poor judgment, physical deterioration, malnutrition, hallucinations, dissociation, guilt, identity diffusion, paranoia, and neurotic, psychotic, and suicidal tendencies.“(According to the Cult Information Centre) There are many cults and there are many different types of cults such as political, racial, and religion. Some of the most notorious clans that have had a major impact in our general public are the Manson Family, the Ku Klux Klan and the one most famous cult in our part of the Texas region was the Branch Davidians. All of these cults have one thing in common which is a belief that their cultures are more superior than other peers.
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...agarin, “There are symptoms that can identify whether or not a family member has been influenced by a cult member or leader, such as personality changes, dramatic shifts or values of belief, changes in diet or sleep patterns, refusal to attend important family events, inability to make decisions without consulting a cult leader or guru, sudden use of a new ideology to explain everything, simplistic reasoning, a new vocabulary, insistence that you do what he or she is doing.”(Sagarin) The victim never really goes back to the person they were before they were recruited into a cult. They are mentally unstable and vulnerable. Most families force their beloved family members into dull therapy sessions when they really need is a caring, nurturing environment. The family members of many clan victims are left to collect the broken pieces of their beloved family member.

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