Essay about The Destruction Of The Indies By Las Casas

Essay about The Destruction Of The Indies By Las Casas

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A grotesque body is one that is open, sickly, comprised of many parts, and overflows in excess. In Montaigne’s Of the Caniballes, Europeans view figures of cannibalism as the Native inhabitants of the New World. The consumption of humans involves opening up the contained body, allowing its inner parts to be abjected beyond its internal boundaries. For colonizers, participants of cannibalism are barbarians who eat their victims by transforming their classical bodies into grotesque forms. As a result, these cultural practices make them inferior and savage compared to the modern Europeans. However, in reality, Europeans are also closely related to cannibalistic practices. A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies written by Las Casas show how Spaniards are barbaric in their character. They lack control and engage in a series of horrific excesses due to their insatiable hunger for power and wealth. Furthermore, in their pursuits, Spaniards and other European colonizers became the creators of countless grotesque bodies. Las Casas supports Montaigne’s view that cannibalistic Natives are less barbaric than the Europeans and Spaniards who engage in excessive conquests that result in figures of the grotesque.

Colonizers are savage because they perpetrated violence against New World inhabitants, and produced open bodies that spill its internal parts outward. Secondly, they enslaved healthy Natives to endless labour, thus wounding their bodies and increasing its risk of illness. Gaping flesh and poor health are characteristic of the grotesque and as the creators of such figures, Spanish colonizers embody barbarism themselves. Las Casas describes Spaniards as “butchers” (101, 104, 116) to describe the way they cut up humans into piece...

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...ack of containment regarding inner bodily fluids were evidence of barbarism because it conflicted with the European norms of the classic contained body. However, the disproportionate death tolls and production of grotesque bodies by the colonizers themselves, established a direct affiliation between two groups. Western conquests resulted in grotesque bodies that were bloody, sick with diseases, and covered in bodily injuries. Additionally, through extreme consumption, Europeans themselves became a grotesque body. To complicate the matter, at times, accusations of cannibalism made against the Natives were staged so that colonizers could capitalize the New World. As a result, both Montaigne and Las Casas reduced the gap between colonizers and the colonized by establishing a link between the grotesque body and Westerners, which then connect to the notions of barbarism.

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