The Destruction of Baseball: Steroid Use Essay

The Destruction of Baseball: Steroid Use Essay

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Major League Baseball has major problems and chief among them is the alarming increase in steroid use by professional baseball players. Many authors and journalists discuss this topic by citing statistics and studies, but illustrator Adam Zyglis provides an astounding, compelling argument using nothing but a pen and paper to support his point. His remarkable caricature is a depiction of a baseball with the New York Yankees insignia stamped in the center with the number thirteen beneath the symbol. The side of the baseball has been unzipped and various pills and tablets are spilling out onto the ground. The combination of the drugs, the stamp, and the player’s number all allude to the infamous Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod. The baseball in the cartoon represents the MLB as a whole. On the surface it is clean, well polished, and coveted by fans and aspiring players alike. But, once the audience peels back the flawless exterior, scandals and secrets pour out into the light, leaving the audience holding an empty, useless shell. Suddenly, the fan base is disabused of its idols and baseball hopefuls are without a role model. This illustration is the first layer in the complex consequences caused by the steroid use that is responsible for the MLB’s current state of disgrace.
The most noticeable impact steroid use has had on baseball is the rapid decline in baseball’s once revered fan base (Danielle 1). Fans are abandoning America’s pastime at a distressing rate because instead of pondering the outcome of a highly anticipated face off between the Rangers and the Yankees, fans find themselves wondering which of their idols will be pushed off his pedestal next. Long time fans are nostalgic for the 50s and 60s, when baseball players were held t...

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...the MLB faces today. This single problem branches off to incorporate the shift in target audience, the mounting tension both on the field and off, and especially the deterioration of the public’s view of professional baseball
Baseball players are abandoning their once legendary morals, fan base, and even their playing styles.

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