Essay about Designing A Proposal For Mtf 's New Division

Essay about Designing A Proposal For Mtf 's New Division

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Thriving businesses continually expand and improve their products, services, and operations. In order to improve the company, an organization must evaluate if an expansion project would be best performed by utilizing an internal or external source and calculate the overall risks to the business. As a result of performing a risk and project analysis, a business can best gauge the best strategic decision for the organization.
In order to understand this process more thoroughly, for this project selected a company that was considering this type of organizational decision for expansion. Recently, the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation (MTF) just obtained approval for two new allograft proeducts, AlloPatch™ and AminoBand™. These new products are allograft enhanced products that promote healing for chronic wounds and necessitate the creation of a new division for MTF. Since this will be an expansion of the organization, MTF must develop a plan to expand sales, production, and administration to accommodate these new products. This paper will utilize the project management plan process to develop a proposal for MTF’s new division and develop a plan to produce, market, and become vendors to hospitals, surgery centers, wound care specialists and surgeons across the United States.
In order to maintain being a world leader in innovation through offering allograft enhanced biomedical products, MTF has developed new would care products to augment healing of chronic wounds. This new venture will also fulfill MTF’s mission of providing high quality allograft products, advancing the science of allografts, and assisting patients’ needs for better quality wound care (MTF, 2016). Since AlloPatch™ and AminoBand™ have been approved for us...

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... second component of the project is centered on the production of AlloPatch™ and AminoBand™. Since both products are in the infancy stage of production, the project team must develop a flexible plan in order to modify production and staffing models to meet the needs of healthcare providers. Under these circumstances, a strategy must be developed to implement changes within operations to meet new demands as they become evident. In order to implement change effectively, concepts of strong leadership, flexibility, effective communication, staff involvement and unity between staff member and management must be integrated into the operational plan (Kash, Spaulding, Johnson, Gamm, & Hulefeld, 2014). All of these concepts must be integrated within the production component of the project with the purpose of ensuring that the products are available when requests are received.

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