Essay on Description Of The Adhoc Folding Canoe

Essay on Description Of The Adhoc Folding Canoe

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Product Overview
The Adhoc Folding Canoe is ‘a folding canoe that weighs just 4.1kg, and assembles in about five minutes‘.
The canoe looks flimsy but will float. Its main appealing features are the fact it is lightweight and will pack up into a backpack.
The canoe is a one off and not currently available on the market.
The customers of this product would be people who need to have a mode of water transportation which is lightweight and easy to carry.
Performance is not their top priority.
Recycling of carbon fibre and aramid fabric is not widely available.
The product is not on the market and so has not been fully tested. It is intended for short journeys on inland waterways preferably with a current to aid propulsion. The fabric is strong but would tear if the kayak came into contact with a sharp object.
The size of the canoe when assembled is not available. The canoe folds up so it fits in a backpack that measures 13 x 23 x 70 centimetres .
The canoe is propelled forward using a single-bladed paddle.
The canoe has ‘a carbon fibre frame, and a hull made from aramid fabric, which is a heat-resistant synthetic fabric used for racing sails. Custom-made locking mechanisms hold the telescoping longitudinal framework poles in place at the bow and stern, while a "parasol-like" centre folding mechanism allows the boat to hold its shape in the middle. Its single seat is a hammock-like fabric and webbing arrangement’.roduct Overview
The Apollo Solo is advertised as ‘a fun, versatile rigid sit-on-top kayak which, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store and haul’. The kayak is designed so the user can fit together as many sections as they ...

... middle of paper ... where the paddler faces forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle. Most kayaks have closed decks, although sit-on-top and inflatable kayaks are growing in popularity.
To design and manufacture a collapsible sit-on-top kayak that is easy to transport, lightweight, portable and versatile. Many people would like to own a kayak but don’t have the space at home to store it or a trailer or roof rack to transport it. The kayak will be designed so that it will fit into an average size car boot so the product will appeal to more people. The kayak is intended to be used in harbours, canals, rivers and open sea (when calm, below force 4, and not in white water conditions). The kayak will be designed to be used by one person, easy to assemble and propelled through the water using a double-bladed paddle. The kayak will be for recreational and competitive activities.

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