Essay about Decrease in Swimming Participation at an Austrailian Highschool

Essay about Decrease in Swimming Participation at an Austrailian Highschool

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With Australia’s marvelous beaches, well known culture with swimming and gold medals won through the Olympics; it is expected to have a high participation rate within swimming events. However within the last three year participation rate within the swimming carnival decreased by ten percent within Wavell SHS, it seems to question where swimming actually lies in the future. But let’s focus more on the root cause of this, Figueroa’s framework focuses on five levels of equity and personal participation towards a sport, in particular swimming. To view such an issue on a well-known topic we look at the constant misconceptions with teenagers and their body image and low self-esteem within modern day society and the influence of society, culture and media on teenagers. And though it is a universal issue, not only faced in sports but life in general, we take a look into where most teenagers, such as myself, start to progress in the early stages of low self esteem thus creating the issue of participation in sports and swimming carnivals.
High School, a place where most talents are revealed and where opportunities are offered/ taken, a place that determines young Australians views towards sports, and the on-going process of producing young Australian athletes. However with the young teenager’s misconception of what an athlete “looks” like they start to compare their self image to that of what the media portrays, which is your typical skinny, lean and handsome/pretty model. This causes a low level of self confidence within an individual as this is focused on the individual level. The cultural level of Figueroa’s framework plays a big part in upbringing of an individual into society. With Wavell’s culture typical stereotypes that continue to...

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...eve that this method would work because, like the Netball and Rugby League excellence programs, it would create a culture and personal group history within the school, and with a little bit of work society as well.
In conclusion, the decrease in participation towards swimming runs deep within Wavell State High and society due to the different upbringing of most cultures within the school, and with the low self confidence of most students and their self image, it only adds on to the increase of the decrease in participation rates. However if, as stated, a culture was created within the school and society through the establishment of an excellence program for swimming and the addition of a small portion of fixer uppers there would be, in my belief, an increase in participation rate for swimming in between different cultures and both HPE classes and Swimming Carnival.

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