The Decade Known as The Great Depression Essays

The Decade Known as The Great Depression Essays

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The decade known as the Great Depression was an era filled with both hardship and tribulation. Historians continue to debate the root causes of the collapse of the stock market which led the country into depression. Other deride the ineptitude of the Canadian government’s response to the crisis. At any rate, the “Dirty Thirties” was a period of time unlike any other. While those who suffered through it are largely gone, the memory of those dark days remains to this day.

Firstly, there are many factors that contributed to making the Great Depression start. Over-production and expansion was a problem because almost every industry was expanding in the 1920’s. Industries made products quickly that weren’t selling and in order to slow down production they laid of works because they forget the basic economic rule to only make as many items they can cell and since wages weren’t high enough to buy all the goods that were made. Also Canada’s dependence on a few primary productions and dependence on United States had a huge effect on the depression. Canada’s economy is linked closely to the U.S and when the American economy got sick Canada suffered because they no longer needed products produced such as sold wheat, fish, minerals, pulp and paper. When the depression hit demands for all these items dropped as well as other countries produced huge surplus which drove prices down. Another cause was Canada putting on high tariffs was a factor of the great depression as well but effected many countries because it chocked off international trade, countless countries put high tariffs on goods coming into their country to protect homeland industries which caused trades between nations begin to slow down. Even credit buying and stock buying was a ...

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... money from the munition workers and they would feel secure enough to buy a dress and then the tailor would feel confident to go and buy a dresser and so on. This started to economy to get back into shape and departing from the Great Depression.

In all, everyone was effected by the Great Depression in one way or another. The government didn’t take responsibility until the 1940’s but that still did not make up for the men and that went through that dark decade. The ‘Dirty Thirties’ was a time no one wanted to return to and were glad to see it go. As though industries got back on their feet, people started to get more jobs because of the war, and food started to grow the devastation of the Great Depression was not forgotten. Those lives that could have been lived painlessly had suffered greatly and the memories of those days still linger to those till this very day.

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