Essay about The Debate over Steem Cell Research

Essay about The Debate over Steem Cell Research

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Looking for a Cure
The debate over stem cell research has split people into two sides. There are people who support and the other side opposes. Mona Charen, a mother of a ten year old son with diabetes, voices her position on embryonic stem cell research in an article called “The Misleading Debate on Stem-Cell Research” (Rottenberg, 335-336). Her position is that she opposes research on embryonic stem cells. She believes the research is immoral and should not be researched by scientists. Most people who oppose embryonic stem cell research are religious because they believe killing an embryo is immoral. However, embryonic stem cell research is for a good cause to someday cure many diseases, and Mona Charen should support embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research gives hope to millions of Americans who have diabetes and many other types of diseases of looking for a cure.
Mona Charen has a ten year old son that suffers from diabetes and should support embryonic stem cell research. In her article, she brings up her ten year old son who takes four to six shots of insulin a day and takes blood tests to check his blood sugar levels (Rottenberg, 335). She has a young child who needs a cure for juvenile diabetes. Embryonic stem cell research is the answer. She has every reason to support embryonic stem cell research to help find a cure for her child, but she opposes the research. Furthermore, one of her reasoning is that she wants to save embryos for couples who cannot have children (Rottenberg, 336). She should focus on the well being of her ten year old son by supporting embryonic stem cell research, instead of worrying about “infertile couples”. Also, Charen says that she fears that her son will fall into a coma at ...

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