Debate On The Use of the Capital Punishment Essay

Debate On The Use of the Capital Punishment Essay

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Our modern society has a very detailed system for justice and one aspect of is having different levels of punishment for different crimes. Many people say that the top level possible is capital punishment. Capital punishment or death penalty can be defined the legally authoeized killing someone as punishment for crime. The rules about capital punishment and the use are different between each country, state and some do not use it at all. There are enough places still apply it so that it is very controversial topic all over the world. There is long history and many issues about the subject which make it difficult to decide what is the correct one. This essay will discuss the historical, social and moral sides of the issue capital punishment. From history, it will show the trends and process to how things are today. Then the current social arguments and problems with the death penalty. Finally, we will look at some of the many ethical issues about capital punishment still add to the controversy. (Reggio, History of the Death Penalty)

Form the beginning of history, the death penalty has been used around the world as much way to punish people for their crimes. Most countries use that capital punishment are use it for the worst types of crimes for example, murder , treason and spying, many militaries will apply the death penalty and the soldiers or normal people who are doing wrong against their country. In ancient Rome and Greece it was use large range of crimes, and has continued but less the, most places. Some countries will allow it but do not really use it very much. Over time, there was times when it was used for evey crime and times where it was not used at all. In Britain, in the 19th century there were 160 crime that had t...

... middle of paper ... and fairness and deal to each one individually; and carefully and always keep questioning what is it we are doing to find the best solution.

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