The Debate On Entering High School Essay

The Debate On Entering High School Essay

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Throughout a lifetime you can and will come across all types of new people. Tons and tons of these people will happen to be of the female gender. You will meet some that you are attracted to and others you just would like to seek a friendly bond with. Entering high school is just the very beginning of seeing just how many girls that there are and what is in store for future years. I know that life is going great as of now due to your new acceptance on the varsity basketball team, but carrying throughout the rest of the season there is something I would like you to take to take into consideration. Being in a relationship at any point throughout high school is pointless and distracts you from your goals.
In the beginning of relationships, you feel as if you are on top of the world and no matter what happens nothing will affect what you have just created. This may happen to be the very case for a period of time. Although, when dealing with relationships there is something that no couple can avoid, arguing. Being as though you are two different people, living in two different bodies, w...

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