Essay on The Death Penalty Is Not Beneficial

Essay on The Death Penalty Is Not Beneficial

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J.R. Tolkien cautions, in the Lord of the Rings, “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment” (77). Thousands of people are sentenced to death every year where the death penalty is practiced. Capital punishment elicits strong, and mixed, feelings for most people. On one side, proponents argue an “eye for an eye”, while the other side cries “murder”. One side seeks retribution while the other calls it revenge. Crime is a part of society and both sides would agree that something needs to be done about it, and more specifically, what methods or actions would be used to deal with punishment of criminals. Capital punishment has historically been viewed as an acceptable and efficient crime deterrent. However, the death penalty is also flawed. The arguments for and against the death penalty are continually evolving. There are clear reasons why the death penalty is not beneficial to society, mainly that the process surrounding the death penalty is flawed, the death penalty is not an effective deterrent and the death penalty is very costly.
No justice system can produce results which are 100% correct, 100% of the time. Many proponents of the death penalty will argue that our justice system, while not perfect, demands a higher standard for death penalty cases. During the pretrial, trial, and appeals procedures, great efforts are made to minimize the chances of executing the innocent. In fact, “7% of all death row cases were overturned for due process reasons and it is more likely that an inmate will be released during the appeals process than they will actually be executed” (Sharp, par. 7). Proponents of the death penalty will cla...

... middle of paper ... may be the best that society can do at the moment. Rehabilitation efforts are haphazard and there is little evidence to support harsher penalties for criminal offenders. It is my belief that the police, the people on the front lines actually dealing with criminals, are better equipped and have a better understanding of how to handle criminals than politicians. Therefore, we should provide them with the funding to make better, safer and more humane ways of handling convicts. The arduous process of prosecution of a death penalty case is not without its mistakes, it has not been shown to be an effective deterrent and the death penalty is too costly a burden for taxpayers to continue to bear. It is clear that the death penalty is unjustifiable and clearly doesn 't deter criminals so why should tax payers be forced to pay for an antiquated system that doesn 't work.

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