The Death Of The Bile Duct Essay

The Death Of The Bile Duct Essay

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“April Fools, I’m not really sick.” These were the last words ever spoken to me, the last thing I ever heard besides the quiet groans and indistinguishable gibberish coming from the lips of a man who had once been so lively and strong. We thought it was seasonal depression and that it would go away once winter turned to spring. However, what we didn’t know was that we were horribly wrong.

As winter turned to spring, things began to grow worse, the once mental symptoms, soon spread to physical symptoms and he grew weak. At first, doctors and nurses weren’t quite sure what to think, as tests weren’t providing any insight into what may be the issue. However, weeks later it was finally concluded to be Cholangiocarcinoma, a cancer of the bile duct that is extremely rare with a small survival rate. What appeared to be depression transpired into a deadly disease that was now taking away my grandfathers life.

Within weeks of his diagnosis, he was placed on hospice care and sent home to live out his final days. Although, he was not allowed to go home, as his wife forbade him, for she lacked empathy and compassion towards the man she had married decades ago. It was about her, not him. It did not matter that he was in pain or that he was dying, because it was all about her and only her. He did not matter, nor did the rest of the family who was taking care of him while she sat in a corner lacking any empathy. The only emotion she showed was anger, because the main focus was now on him. As he was not allowed to return to his true home, my mother brought him to our home, only a block away from his.

For four days he lay dying in my family guestroom, kept alive by medication and an oxygen machine. Two of those days, he was still conscious, ...

... middle of paper ...

...ger. My grandfather was my best friend and I spent every waking moment with him up until his passing. I do not regret being there for him, or spending time with him. I wasn’t absent and I didn’t avoid it; I faced it head on and overcame the obstacle thrown into my life. I was there. I lived it. And I eventually made it through the nightmare I couldn’t shake myself of. I learned that life is short and it’s worth making the most of, because at any moment it can be taken away. I learned from the lack of my grandmother’s to always show compassion and empathy for others, no matter how poorly you think your life may be, because there’s always someone who has it much worse. Sickness brings out the worst in people, and during that time I learned the truth behind my grandmother and who she truly was. We as people can’t help where we come from, but only where we go from there.

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