The Death Of Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide Essay

The Death Of Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide Essay

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Euthanasia is one end another person 's life carried out the main purpose of the death, to ease the person subjected to deliberate. The history of euthanasia and assisted suicide began in ancient Greece, the doctor used for frequent abortions, voluntary and involuntary mercy killing. The death of people volunteer to support patients and doctors often give poison to their demands. The ancients support voluntary murder, if it is correct. Jewish and Christian thinkers against suicide contradiction and responsibility to god and for the benefit of all mankind. Compared to nearly 700, or more, the practice of common law punishment who commit suicide to help others.
For centuries, euthanasia has been understood as a process, normally the pain for rescue dying is the best way to ensure an easy death. However, in the late 19th century change euthanasia, for its modern meaning. Euthanasia is not a secret that through the 1920 s, the newspaper stories and movies about it also released the theme of the movie. For mercy for killing a fire in the 1930 s and was proved to be euthanasia in the United States over the years the historical nature of the crisis. Talk openly about death and dying has become a fashion and most americans (53%) believe that doctors should be allowed to painless way to end the life of the terminally ill patient. If the patient and family to request it. A bigger majority (62%) support terminally ill patients, the right to refuse the unnecessary treatment.
People have the right to death and to die with dignity.
I will and have to die with dignity is to support life. I don 't want my relatives have to make such a difficult decision, do not think my life extension, if not the quality of life. I don 't...

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... in horror, they especially like watching the haunting, because they wait and hope to quickly end their terrible pain. In fact, these extreme cases are rare, but it did not appear equally important who must live in the terrible plight of hopelessness and helplessness - through such misery. If no hope, unbearable circumstances choose death is under the condition of the regulations, in order to prevent the abuse of allowing that will benefit all people. The most desolate is those who be upset if we need to take action, in violation of the provisions of laws, end dear pray to them who begged to go with the life of death. Some desperation, unable to endure, take a gun or a pillow, what to do, they fear and hate, but it must be to relieve the parents or their children or spouse who is happy to intervene, but doing so afraid of those who show mercy their legal consequences.

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