Death Of A Dream By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Death Of A Dream By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Death of a Dream—the story of Gatsby

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (1896--1940) is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers in America during the twentieth century. His The Great Gatsby (1925) has come to enjoy a position as one of the most widely read American novels of the twentieth century (James Nagel, 2013). It is also called “the great American novel” (Deirdre Donahue, 2013).
The story is happened in the Roaring Age of America, and the main hero is Jay Gatsby. The narrator of the story is Nick, and he is also the cousin of Daisy. Gatsby loved Daisy when he was still in the army. With the help of Nick, the two lovers met again and the story begins. Gatsby does everything to own Daisy back. He held parties in the grand house against Daisy’s house every night in order to draw Daisy’s attention. Daisy is lost in the love and material conditions Gatsby offers her. At the same time, her husband Tom has a mistress. Once after Gatsby tells Tom his relationship with Daisy and Tom exposes Gatsby’s illegal business, Daisy drives Gatsby’s car crazily and caused an accident, and the victim is Tom’s mistress Myrtle. To protect Daisy, Gatsby tells everyone that he is the murder and Daisy lets him take the responsibility. While Wilson the husband of Myrtle, he shot Gatsby for revenge ad last. Then Daisy and Tom flee away with their money. There are few people in Gatsby’s funeral. In the end of the story, Nick returns to his hometown (James Nagel, 2013).

Death of characters
Jay Gatsby is a real hero during his fighting process of realizing his dream, however, hero becomes more foolish as we see his obsession with Daisy increased day by day. He is blind in his love for Daisy, thus he can not see Daisy’s empty emotion and ...

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