Death And Grief Are A Natural Part Of Life Essay examples

Death And Grief Are A Natural Part Of Life Essay examples

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Death and grief are a natural part of life. Our behaviors and the way we express our grief has a lot to do with our culture. Every culture has developed ways they cope with death in their own respectful manner. These practices give us the ability to cope with death and the grieving process. Each culture has their own beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies that are incorporated into the loss of a loved one.
One of the major differences between the way western and eastern societies view death is that western societies tend to have an attitude of denial when it comes to death. “In Western society, this waiting period is regarded as having three phases: suspension, judgment, and disposition” (Kastenbaum, 2012, p. 48). The first stage is called suspension and in western societies they believe that during this stage people’s spirits and souls are in a transitional state. This is when a person is between entry into a new realm and at the end of their life. Judgment day is when sleepers receive either damnation or salvation. Then they take their place in eternity. Disposition is the final act. Such as burial or cremation. “There is an almost defined set of expected behavior at Western funerals, that requires one to show grief and to cry, to “let the feelings out” (Angel Fire, 2016, p.1). In western society we deal with death by taking certain steps. We start by having the deceased prepared for a wake. This is then followed by a mourning and funeral rituals. At the funeral the mourners walk around and pay their respects. Then the time comes where you often drive to a cemetery if the deceased is being buried and a priest says a last prayer. Then follows a breakfast where friends and family join together to celebrate the life of the person who p...

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