Dealing With The Energy Crisis Essay

Dealing With The Energy Crisis Essay

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Dealing With: The Energy Crisis
In the United States, one hundred and four nuclear power plants supply twenty percent of the nations electricity. Around the world, there are four hundred and forty three operating nuclear power reactors across the planet in forty-seven different countries (Lindsay). Imagine a world without nuclear energy. What would be able to cover twenty percent of the U.S. energy? How much would we benefit or struggle without nuclear energy today? Nuclear energy is energy that is stored in the nucleus. To use the energy that is inside the nucleus, the energy has to be released from the atom. In order for the energy to be released fission has to occur. Nuclear power uses the heat released from fission to create electricity. Although there is a significant bias against nuclear energy around the world it has many benefits to help the U.S. in the future.
Nuclear power provides more benefits than problems, and is an excellent power source. Nuclear power creates more energy than other sources. Furthermore, it has a smaller carbon footprint and is surprisingly safe. Nuclear energy creates more energy from the same amount of fuel. In fact one-pound of nuclear fuel has the equivalent energy to one million gallons of gasoline (Brain/Lamb). Furthermore, nuclear energy is important. Many experts against the use of nuclear power support Germany and their plan to get eighty percent of their electricity by the year 2050 from renewable resources including solar and wind energy (Nicola). Although the plan to remove nuclear energy from Germany was already underway, the process was tremendously sped up after Germanys Chancellor Angela Merkel closed down eight of the country’s oldest reactors as a result of the 2011 nuclear disaste...

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...rder to avoid massive costs for production of windmills and solar panels and to produce the energy necessary for society.
Nuclear powers potential is an important factor. Having the option to produce energy using such small amounts of fuel can benefit America in the long run. Although there are chances of negative effects there can also be precautions taken to avoid these from occurring. We are developed enough to take on the responsibility of handling a powerful source of energy like nuclear power so we should take advantage. If we can maintain and build safe power plants that are protected against natural disasters and other possibilities we should try and use more of these plants. Nuclear power is an excellent source of energy that is environmental friendly and extremely useful. The benefits outweigh the cost of the plants and because of this we should go nuclear!

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