De-regulate the Medical Profession Essay

De-regulate the Medical Profession Essay

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De-regulate the medical profession. The government has to many regulations on who can do what in medicine. Someone who is a 3rd year medical student can perform surgery and medical task and a nurse with 30 years of experience can’t. We live in a county with more than 300 million people and only have 600,000 doctors, that’s 500 patients for every doctor. There are many potential students who can make it through medical school but cannot afford it, or a family crisis. Over 95% of forms are rejected and its true we want the most proficient team of medical students but in a health care crisis like we have we have to take our chances. Some may fear that this creates more medical accidents with lesser trained people but if you give people a choice to save money and go with a nurse or someone who has not gone to greater lengths of education then that should be an option. Possibly the risk will decrease since doctors wont be as stressed with so many patients but rather be able to focus more.
Create a range of new medical training levels and specialties. There are a vast number of medical pr...

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