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The Day That Changed America Essay

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On September 11, the world was riveted by the events of that day. Terrorist invaded our country, killing thousands of innocent people and injuring thousands more. September 11th was a horrible day in our history the terrorist acts of 9/11 showed how unprepared The United State had been as a nation. People wondered, why is this happening? How is it possible that this could happen in America? What can be done so it never happens again? September 11th was the day people understood the concept, that freedom isn’t free. People had a basic understanding of the word terrorism, however no one really believed that America could suffer the tragedy that it did. As far as people knew, terrorism, was a concern for countries in the Middle East, not in our backyard, not in America. September 11, lives on as the day that changed America. That day made such an impact, everyone will remember where they were, when the attacks occurred. So many people were lost, including first responders. September 11th changed the world. One thing that was not touched by the terrorist attacks, that was people’s resiliencies to unselfishly run into a burning building to save lives, at a cost that is immeasurable. People stopped to help other people. Terrorist tried to break the United States, instead, people came together as one strangers helping strangers. Although physically broken the spirit of the people was stronger than ever. Al-Qaeda tried to destroy America, however their actions serve to bring people together against a common enemy.
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September 11 was a day of grief and a day of courageous acts. The terrorist acts that were meant to cripple Americans, however they only served to make people stronger. There were lots of things that were affected by...

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...Uniquely situated to empower front-line law enforcement, public safety, emergency response, and private sector security personnel to lawfully gather and share information to identify emerging threats.” (DHS, 2015).
Changes in the way law enforcement do their job, have become inevitable especially with the advances in social media some criminals catch themselves. “Facebook is now one of the most fertile sources of criminal evidence.” (Knibbs, 2013). We live in a culture of oversharing. Law enforcement is able to look at people’s sites and determine if there is anything of concern and if it should be investigated further. Privacy concerns are still paramount, however with the changes in terrorism and how they have invaded the country and hurt and killed people, there is an immediate need to protect the country. There is a very fine line between privacy and protection.

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