The Dawn Of Religious Pluralism Or The Real Deal? Essay

The Dawn Of Religious Pluralism Or The Real Deal? Essay

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The Dawn of Religious Pluralism or the Real Deal?
Through out America history, especially when comparing the periods prior and after the World 's Fair at 1893, the progress for religious pluralism is too much and not enough. To certain groups of people, religious pluralism is an obstacle for religious development as it can cause the lost of distinctiveness and challenge the 'only one true way '; while other groups welcome religious pluralism as the mean to religious freedom, where everyone can practice their religion without being judged. Religious pluralism can be understood as the manyness of religions, where there is a "free existence of many faiths" (Albanese 2013:11), coexists of different religion where everyone respect others ' ways of life. Whereas the World 's Parliament and the World 's Fair did showed a faint sign of religious pluralism, it was not suitable to describe it with religious pluralism, as it was built upon the bases of Christianity 's superiority.
At Chicago, 1893, the World 's Parliament of Religions was held within the first World 's fair. Of this event, it was designed by people who want to establish mutual understanding of different religion, but showcased the performance of religious hierarchy. Midway Plaisance is the place where people learn about different religion, but it was organized with an order, from most primitive to more civilized, and to the model of religion. The order of religious significance was hinted in this context. Despite the fact that it was designed with the idea of establishing mutual understanding of different religion, it was also hinting an 'indisputable fact ' that one single religion - Christianity - is the best of all. This notion, of cause, is debatable, but it was see...

... middle of paper ... in the society at that time. Those arguments were mostly built upon the fact that all religion were invited on a common ground, with the assumption that those who were not invited being unable to be classified as religion. Everyone, including Christians, were putting effort in understanding each others. But these arguments were not solid as the self-appointed superiority of Christianity was implied in many different context which limited the development of religious pluralism; the religious authority remained with Christianity; and the term 'religion ', defined by the Congress and the Supreme Court, was still determined by Christianity. While it is true that more religion were recognized in the World 's Parliament, the superiority of Christianity was clearly established, hence it can only be described as the dawn of religious pluralism, instead of the whole term.

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