The Dark Views Of Dexter Morgan And Young Goodman Brown Essay

The Dark Views Of Dexter Morgan And Young Goodman Brown Essay

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The Dark Views of Dexter Morgan and Young Goodman Brown
The term “dark” instantaneously creates the image of undesirable. Darkness lives in everyone whether it is in the body consciously or unconsciously. When a person experiences a catastrophic event, their view on life precipitously changes. Nathanial Hawthorne’s short story Young Goodman Brown is about a young innocent man who wished his wife, Faith, a farewell and was later encountered in a supernatural phenomenon, which took his purity away and changed his views on the people he once knew. Dexter Morgan was also a young innocent boy who lost his clear conscious when he witnessed his mother’s death at the age of three. Dexter and Young Goodman Brown are divergent, but the main characters have many peculiar similarities. In the T.V show Dexter, the main character had a sudden urge to kill from his tragic event, unlike Young Goodman Brown who chose to believe everyone was sinful and hypocritical from his eerie “dream.” ‘Dexter’ and ‘Young Goodman Brown’ are comparable because they represent innocent people who lost faith in humanity and themselves from a situation they could not have avoided; the characters believed that nothing could encourage them become rational again.
Young Goodman is best described as a young man who left his wife for the evening to venture into the woods. There, he encountered something he thought could not be true. Whether it was a dream or not, Brown believed that secrecy of sin and evil lived in everyone. The dark figure said, "Depending upon one another 's hearts, ye had still hoped that virtue were not all a dream. Now are ye undeceived Evil is the nature of mankind. Evil must be your only happiness” (Hawthorne, 628). Young Goodman Brown must have ...

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...f the people he loved because he was the darkness that his loved ones should be afraid of.
Young Goodman Brown and Dexter both encounter with supernatural and disconsolate subjects connecting the lost of faith in humanity and one self. It is possible that everyone will find their darkness somewhere along their lives, but it is up to oneself to control it. Not everything is the way it seems and no one should ever hold a grudge or lose faith in something that could not be controlled. Young Goodman Brown is an example of that. Young Goodman Brown lost his belief because of something that might have happened. Dexter also portrays a man who lost control of his life because he could not believe if he was controlled by darkness or just evil. Both Young Goodman Brown and Dexter ended with unfortunate endings that they could not have controlled and determine it themselves.

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