The Danger In Storytelling Essay

The Danger In Storytelling Essay

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Storytelling has been used throughout time, allowing history and religion to be passed down from generation to generation and with the introduction of technology, storytelling has reached a whole new audience. With this new form of storytelling continues to spread, the danger of the corrupt also comes the corruption of social morals into pray. Storytelling may become dangerous because it could cause the viewer to become more aggressive, contribute to child and adolescent violence, and teaches the art of lying/deceiving.

Storytelling has been used throughout history to explain the unexplained mysteries in the time of the storyteller. Today the current generation makes it appear that the “stories that sell the most cause” (Kristina) widely spread misconceptions and aggression towards these stereotypes. These misconceptions are seen throughout history, whether it is about the destructive forces of the weather or the animals roaming the planet we call home. Aggression can be seen evident throughout history as well, be it wars of religions live in the crusades, or the war against Afghanistan. Storytelling throughout time has created “a safe space in” (Horn) an environment. They have been used to calm the fears children from ancient times to the present, as well a comfort them when parents as they are told a story to help them sleep. Stories are told through the toughest times from economic failure to bombings raining destruction from above. Historically storytellers have traditionally been the elders of the communities who start to tell younger generations when “the person [is] at a young age” (Horn) and more often then not influences the overall outlook of that child. History has been filled with the tradition of the elders of t...

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