Essay on Dan Sperber's Article The Future of Writing

Essay on Dan Sperber's Article The Future of Writing

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In Dan Sperber’s article “The Future of Writing,” he assesses the presence of writing and reading in our society, as well as where it may lie in the future . He addresses the possible downfall of writing, the prevalence that reading will hold in our society, as well as how our society will adapt and handle the changes. He also covers the emergence of text-to-speech and speech-to-text technological advances, the effects on society and how the disappearance of the two of them will never fully occur.
Sperber’s main claim throughout the article is that writing, with the help of technology, may eventually cease to exist, or at least be far less prominent . While writing has obtained a unique and prominent standing in most places of the world, despite its more recent development, it still has the ability to become a “thing of the past.” Writing did not always hold this risk, but rather in the past it held much prominence in that it became a product of specialization due to the large demand. However, over time the demand has begun to shrink and become considerably smaller with the help of substitutes and alternatives. Originally, there was the option to dictate to someone as they type or write what the other is saying. However, now the marvel of technology has come along, with software that performs the same position but quicker and easier. The introduction of speech recognition software has the ability to cancel out the act of writing all together, yet there are still many problems that leave it far from foolproof. However, with technology only improving, Sperber predicts that, “in a matter of years, it will be possible to speak normally, have the machine transcribe one’s speech with very few errors,” thus allowing the more ...

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...her expressing the importance of something that might often be taken for granted. Yet as one learns to read, the task takes little thought, and so the relevance that it holds in the world may easily be overlooked.
“The Future of Writing” addresses the power that technology holds on society, and practices that now hold valid importance. Yet sometime in the future, technology will have the ability to deplete the importance of writing, according to Sperber. Reading will forever hold importance in society, because it holds aspects that cannot be mimicked through a machine. But with the constant desire for technology, that is able to fulfill the desires for a better and easier life, the need may never be fully fulfilled .

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