Essay about Curriculum Development for the Nursing Profession

Essay about Curriculum Development for the Nursing Profession

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Some of the objectives to guide the learning process of the advancing R.Ns include the following (GU, n.d):
i. Engage in collaboration and communication with other health care team members.
ii. Demonstrate commitment to human service as part of professional practice in a society that is culturally diverse.
iii. Evaluate, communicate, and apply research findings with an aim of improving professional practice.
iv. Evaluate and analyze management and leadership theories within the nursing practice.
Some of the strategies and resources to be utilized during the lesson will include, firstly, critical thinking activities and exercises that will encourage reflection among students on what has been learned and the expression of opinions as the knowledge is applied in various situations. Secondly, case studies will give the students a chance to apply the information presented in books (Sandra, 2008). Thirdly, traditional activity-based teaching strategies such as simulations, self-learning modules, problem-based learning, discussions and audiovisuals that can be used in patient education and staff development will be used and lastly, further research ideas that will stimulate students to carry out research on the latest topics in nursing.
Among the many instructional models that may be used, the Jerold Kemp design model is more suited for advancing adult learners. This is because the model assumes a holistic aspect to the instructional design focusing on discovery and analogies learning. Nine factors in the learning environment are considered including learner characteristics, subject analysis, teaching activities, learning objectives, support services, resources to be used, and evaluation (Lyn, 2010). The factors are enclosed by two ova...

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... 1-182.
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