The Culture of India: Types of Rituals, Dances, Jewelry, Languages, People, and Customs

The Culture of India: Types of Rituals, Dances, Jewelry, Languages, People, and Customs

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India’s culture is very diverse. One may call it strange, weird, or even bizarre. The culture of India includes: different types of rituals, dances, jewelry, languages, people, and different customs. India’s culture is very beautiful and distinguishable. From rituals to languages the culture of India is amazing and full of life.
The rituals in India are very unique. They are rituals for religion, Jain, and Sikh. There are many more rituals which contribute to India’s customs and culture. Those were just a handful of the rituals there, they are many more. (“Indian Culture”)
In India there are many religious rituals. Some are the same as in the United States of America. They have Muslim and Christian rituals. Some of these rituals the Muslim and Christians of the United States of America participate in. Religious rituals make a huge impact on India’s culture. India’s culture would not be the same without these religious rituals. (“Indian Culture”)
The Muslims in India have rituals that they follow. When a baby is born the first words that the Muslims think the baby should hear are the words of God. Hence is spoken into the newborns right ear and Iqamat in his/her left ear. Once this is done there is no specific rituals that must be followed concluding the birth of the child. But if there are, it would all depend on the local customs and habits of the region that the child lives in. Once the birth of the child is over, smoke is used to clean the labor room. The child first food is the juice of the palmdates, chewed by any Muslim priest. The juice is applied on the upper jaw of the child. Only after this the baby can feed off the mother’s breast milk. On the seventh day from the birthday of the child the mo...

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...ot of respect to the dead. All the ceremonies of India make up the customs which make up the culture. (“Customs of India”)
The culture of India is very unique, beautiful, and one of the oldest ones. The culture of India is very diverse. Take the north and south regions of India, they are totally different. Indian festivals are put into categories by their color, gaiety, enthusiasm, prayers, an rituals. India’s culture is very beautiful, colorful, and magical. It is also very original. Indian’s culture is the true meaning of amazing and graceful. (“Indian Culture.” WhereInCity)
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