The Culture Of Ethnic Cuisine Essay

The Culture Of Ethnic Cuisine Essay

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Ashis Nandy, the author of the article “Ethnic Cuisine: The Significant ‘Other,’” writes, “one suspects that the culture of ethnic cuisine and ethnic dining has become more and more sophisticated and complex because it has become a major symbolic substitute for the cultures it is supposed to represent. ‘The Significant ‘Other’” (250). Past few years, food from the different culture and ethnicity became the symbol of their culture. The restaurant owners started to open their business with the food from different cultures, and people are able to get their hands easily on not only the food, but have second hand experience through the cultural food. I chose this activity over the others because I love to eat. I love to explore and visit different types and environments of the restaurants. This was a perfect opportunity to look deep into the food and the restaurants of different ethnicities. The mythology that I used for this research is deductive reasoning. The two restaurants, Izakaya Takasei and Din Tai Fung, that I will be visiting will have their own distinctive atmospheres, characteristics, and food, however, they will be similar in many ways since both are Asian restaurants, Japanese and Chinese, and there are some extent to what they can demonstrate and display in different culture. I used cultural anthropology in this ethnography paper. According to Nanda (2013, p.12), cultural anthropology is the study of human thought, behavior, and life ways that are learned rather than genetically transmitted and that are typical of groups of people. By using this anthropology in this ethnography paper, I was able to observe the waiters, waitress, and customers from different cultural background and ethnicity groups working, eating, and s...

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...imilar in some way was wrong. Both restaurants displayed and showed their own cultural food and environments. Peter Skerry, the author of ““Beyond Sushiology: Does Diversity Work?,” states “a consistent finding of research is that racial and ethnic diversity can generate more creative and innovative ideas-but that it is also linked with conflict, especially emotional conflict among co workers” (Skerry 22). Cultural diversity can bring out productive side of people, but it can have conflicts. Through this activity, I realized that cultural differences can be overcome for both the workers and customers. I really enjoyed doing this activity. It allowed me to visit and experience the restaurants from different cultures, and see how people interact with when they were placed in new atmosphere. Ethnicity restaurants go beyond the food business to deeper in to their culture.

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