The Culture and Traditions of Bali Essay

The Culture and Traditions of Bali Essay

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The island of Bali is literally a beautiful island situated under the equator in Indonesian Archipelago, and one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Asia. Bali exhibits itself in the strength of the local culture and its Hindu based religion The spirit of art creativity is always a part of Balinese daily life: the cultivation of the steeply-terraced rice field, traditional dance, gamelan music, painting, wood carving, and stone carving, as reader suggests:
Bali is renowned for its diverse and sophisticated art forms, such as painting, sculpture, wood carving, stone carving, and performing arts (Tropical Sky. Introduction to Bali. Web. 15 March 2011).
The Balinese artists are renowned for their skills in wood and stone carving and painting representations of the local mythical beings. They have traditionally been featured largely in temples and palace architectures for hundreds years. Most of the artists – wood and stone carver, art painter, Balinese dancer, traditional musical player, etc. - work without any prior education as it runs in their blood either from their parents or ancestor. When Balinese people do not work in the field, they are doing and creating some arts. They are really capable of giving shape to their thoughts and creativity through arts. The view of people carving the wood or stone, painting, dancing, and playing music is easily to find in Ubud, my favorite place and the heaven place of art lover. The carved door, window, mirror, and coffee table are usually used to furnish hotels, villas, or other residential places. The wood will bring a sophisticated smell in the room. The performance of Balinese dancing, playing gamelan - a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically incl...

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...e of Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and to appreciate of God’s creature and nature.
Over the years, the tourism brings a rapid change to Bali especially in its economy and has become an integral part of Balinese society and economy. In effect, it changes some part of their society and culture. As far as I concern, I hope that the Balinese culture and tradition never be vanished in this Island of Gods, and young people can maintain their ancestor beliefs and traditions.

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