Essay on Cruelty Of Male Dominated Culture

Essay on Cruelty Of Male Dominated Culture

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Ruicheng Xu
Honors English 12
Cruelty of male-dominated culture
The book A thousand splendid suns tells a story of two woman Mariam and Lilia, one is a illegitimate child raised up by a spiteful and stubborn mother; one is a young, intelligent girl from a loving family, they met each other in a coincidence, from being hostile to each other to friends that went through all the cruelty against women in Afghanistan. This book presented the cruelty of Afghanistan society under Taliban’s Oppressive Regime through the sense of unequaled treatment and abusive policy in the story.
The abuses towards woman started from the rise of Taliban, addcording to Bereau of democracy, Prior to the rise of the Taliban, women in Afghanistan were protected under law and increasingly afforded rights in Afghan society, making important contributions to national development, received the right to vote in the 1920s; and as early as the 1960s, the Afghan constitution provided for equality for women. There was a mood of tolerance and openness as the country began moving toward democracy. But everything changed after Taliban.
In this book, Mariam, who represent countless woman in Afghanistan who was always immersed in negative view about being a woman of her mother, Nana, who once said to her, "Learn this now and learn it well, my daughter: Like a compass needle that points north, a man 's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. You remember that, Mariam." After Mariam ran away from home to find his dad Jalil, Nana was found committed suicide, Worried about their reputation, Jalil’s family made Mariam marry to Rasheed, a widowed mid-aged shoe maker. the traditional thought takes away women’s freedom. As a years pass, Mariam did not produc...

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...est investment a country can make is that of educating girls. The benefits include reduced poverty, economic growth, improved health, and decreased gender gaps. These benefits will only be realized by improving the education of girls in third world countries. Access to good education in the third world is limited; with lack of resources, inadequate teachers, and poor curriculum. In order to advance education in the developing world, it is crucial that these problems are solved. Laws have to be set up to ensure the medication and education, along with necessary help from outside, to push Afghanistan into a self-development stage.
Finally, a male-dominated society will never success, it’s cruelty is suffered by both men and women, the only way to develop a society is to secure the medication and schooling for everyone, providing condition for sustainably development.

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