Essay on Critical Analysis - The Models of Public Policy

Essay on Critical Analysis - The Models of Public Policy

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According to William Jenkins (1989) public policy is a set of interrelated decisions taken by a political actor or a group of actors concerning the selection of goals and the means of achieving them within a specified situation where those situations showed in public policy be within the power of those actors to achieve. In this case, public policy involves making policies that are involved in enhancing health care reforms in the Canadian situation. Policies are often as a result of a multiple decisions but multiple decisions taken by multiple decision makers through government organs.
There are certain essential components necessary to ensure the success of public policy. It is a purposive, goal-oriented behavior rather random or chance behavior. Public policies are not acts that just happen even though not all of their consequences or effects are anticipated. Public policies consist of courses of actions rather action separate discrete decisions or actions performed by government officials, in this case, individuals in the health care system. Policy involves not only the decisions to enact a law but also the subsequent acts regarding implementation, interpreting and enforcing the law (Hofrichter, 2004).
Davis Easton (2001) argued that public policy making has to do with the policy environment and he applied the systems theory to give an understanding of the policy process. Public policy is actually concerned with public problems. In the health sector problems facing the workers and individuals in the health sector are responsible for demonstrating what public health is .Public policy goes through certain stages of implementation .The problem formulation and agenda setting is the first stage in public policy implementations. H...

... middle of paper ... to its application to public policy. Health care system in Canada is funded publicly. The system is guided and advanced by laws and regulations advanced by the Canada health act. These models are applicable in the health care system presented in the Canadian setting. In conclusion, in Canada the state is responsible for rendering most health services.

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