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Crimes And Crimes Of Crime Essay

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Crime is any form of behavior or an act that is punishable by law. Usually, crime is defined by criminal law, which prohibits any behavior that is harmful to the society. For instance, if one engages in a certain behavior that is harmful to the society, one may be proved guilty of a crime and hauled up in a criminal court. Crimes can be categorized into different categories according to the type of crime one has committed (Elias, 2010). These include personal crimes, inchoate crimes, property crimes, and statutory crimes. Personal crimes are offences against the person like assault, inchoate crimes are crimes that were begun but are yet to be completed like solicitation, property crimes are crimes against property such as robbery; statutory crimes are violations of a particular state or federal statue and may involve either property offences of personal offences. The above listed crimes are prohibited in any state due to their negative effects.
Fraud is an example of crime, that is, any trickery used in order to gain a fraudulent advantage from another person. In other words; it can be preferred as bribery someone offers in order to get an advantage from the result. Fraud is preferred as a serious crime as it is prohibited in every country. If a person is caught committing fraud, one can be fined a lot of money or sentenced for many years. Therefore, it is important that every citizen should avoid fraud as it brings negative issues to the person. The general criminal offence of fraud can be either abuse of position, fail to disclose information, and lastly deception whereby false representation is made towards a person (Reamer, 2011). It is unfair that some people might give a false representation towards one another such as in a ...

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...ociety. This is because of the different analysis they offer and the lessons fraudsters should learn and know how others shall think about them about the different behaviors they possess. In addition, the three theories have created a positive attitude towards one another therefore the rate of crime has reduced. Social psychology theory is one of the most outstanding theories that accounts mostly to fraud. The theory can assist in prediction and prevention of crime as it symbolizes how we should relate to one another (Cole, & Smith, 2011). The issues on the application of social psychology are that the rate of fraud will be reduced in the society therefore reduce the cause of minor cases. It is thus important to be concerned about the above theory.
Upon my conclusion, in the societies we stay, it is important that we keep away from fraud as it causes negative effects

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