Essay on The Crime Of Drug Cartels

Essay on The Crime Of Drug Cartels

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There is no doubt that the government has gone to the extremes to try to cover any wrong doings on their part of the disappearance of these students. They have lied, passed the blame, said malicious things, and it seems as if they do not really care about helping the families of these students. According to the article, untamed Mexico, the governor has not done much to stop crime and violence and the mayor and police are said to be involved in organized crime involving drug cartels (Agren..., 2014). There have been so many mass graves discovered over the years, even before the forty-three students went missing but none have led to the bodies or DNA, and worst it does not seem to be a concern that mass graves keep popping up. The same article also states that Mexico has come under fire for human rights abuse, with mass executions (Agren..., 2014). As for the forty-three missing students, the government has claimed no involvement, they have said things such as it was a drug cartel incident, or the students had drugs on them and on the buses, they rode. It is as if they refuse or cannot acknowledge what happened to these students. The government has also been involved in smearing and discrediting what experts (who deal with DNA and burnt bodies) are saying, which is in contrast to what they believe. Also, mentioned in the article, untamed Mexico, there were many police arrested who had been involved the night that the forty-three students disappeared. As reported by Eulich in the article, Mexico’s 43 Missing Students, the government is still standing by the story of a police roundup and the students being handed over to the drug cartel, whom burned their bodies, and threw their ashes into a river, DNA has only been able to co...

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... that the government is in their pockets, they owe the drug cartel, so it is easier to cover up crime to innocent people with fabricated lies, or even just ignore it. Felipe de la Cruz Sandoval, a father of one of the missing forty-three, and a graduate of the Ayotzinapa school sums it up best in the Missing 43, by stating that, “To us the state and municipal government represent the face and crime of cruelty” (Vice News, 2014). During a meeting at Los Pinos (Presidential Palace), the parents of the missing students asked President Peña Nieto to sign a guarantee that he would not close the investigation and the government would continue looking for their sons alive and not as remains of the dead or step down like the governor did. The president signed the document. They shouted to him, “Because you took them alive, we want them back alive” (Vice News, 2014).

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